A little about Malas...​
You have probably seen malas worn on men and women​​. They are now popular in fashion. The textures and colors are beautiful and can be worn with anything. Maybe you have seen them in yoga classes and have been curious about their purpose?

Mala is a Sanskrit word that means garland.  Malas are usually made with 108 beads. Typically there are 33 beads followed by a type of spacing bead or spacing sequence, and then followed with an additional 21 beads to make 108 beads. A “Guru” bead is added in the middle to make 109.  Malas have been worn for centuries as a tool for certain types of meditation and also for their spiritual and healing qualities. 

When mala beads are used for meditation, the mala is usually hanging between the thumb and the ring finger of the right hand. The second finger is used to rotate the mala toward you with each bead representing one breath or one mantra. It is a tool to help count mantras and acts as a tactile guide in your silent meditation. 

Whether you are choosing a mala for function or fashion,  it is best to choose a mala that first catches your attention and seems right for you. Don’t make it complicated!

108 is a sacred and spiritual number. There is abundant information on this subject if you are interested. 
What are chakras?
Seven Chakras are recognized energy centers located on different points of the spinal column ​ and are connected to the various organs and glands within the body. These chakras are are tied to physical and emotional problems in the body and are responsible for distributing the life energy which is known as Qi. Chakra healing bracelets are designed to help balance, align, and cleanse your 7 chakras. Each stone represents one of your chakras and is typically represented by a color.  The following are some of the stones used to represent the chakras. 

-Root chakra (red)- red jasper, quartz, onyx, coral
-Sacral chakra (orange)-carnelian, jasper, tiger eye, bloodstone
-Solar plexus chakra (yellow)-yellow jade, citrine, jasper, pyrite
Heart chakra (green)-avertine, agate, turquoise, amazonite
Throat chakra (light blue)-amozonite, turquoise, sodalite
Third eye chakra (dark blue)-lapis lazuli, sodalite
-Crown chakra (purple or white) -amethyst, purple opal

Lava beads are often used in chakra bracelets because they can be infused with essential oils to further calibrate your Qi!

Even if you are not concerned with your chakras, a chakra  bracelet can be beautiful and uplifting with all the different colored stones and textures. 

How to care for your stretch bracelet 
  Care is taken to use the best knots and materials available, but even so, stretch bracelets can wear over time. To ensure the longest possible life of your new stretch bracelets, follow these tips:

-Try not overstretch the band when putting it on your wrist. The best method to ensure longevity is to roll the beads over your hand and wrist.

-Chlorine or salt water can lead to faster deterioration and can make the stones appear dull.

-Exposure to detergents, perfumes, lotions and other chemicals may effect the wood or stones and also cause the elastic to break down prematurely.